Catering Ashore
A great mixture of all types of food offerings are available across the Waterfront over the 4 days of the Regatta from BBQ, Pig on the Spit, Lobster and Oriental.The National, Royal Irish and Royal St George Yacht Clubs will host host special regatta dinners on Friday 12th  and Saturday 13th July.  All Details of tickets and booking procedure to follow.

Classes are welcome to host dinners and receptions in a yacht club of their choice during the Regatta.  Early Booking is advisable.

For further details on availability please contact:

National Yacht Club, Tim O’Brien, Club Manager :  353 1 280 5725

Royal Irish Yacht Club, Gareth McGinty, Catering Manager:  353 1 280 9452

Royal St George Yacht Club, Laura, Reception : 353 1 280 1811