Sailing Tourism into Dublin Bay remains Vibrant

(Issue Monday 8th July @ 0900hrs)
The attraction of visiting Dublin City remains strong for visitors who arrive under their own sail into Dun Laoghaire Marina from all over the world including from the USA, Australia, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy. Dun Laoghaire Marina reports that 250 boats from overseas have visited its marina for varying periods of time since 1st April 2013. These figures are being released in advance of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta, the biggest sailing event in the country which will take place from Thursday 11th ? Sunday 14th July. In addition to the 260 local boats that will compete in the Regatta, 120 will arrive to compete from other yachts clubs outside Dublin Bay, Northern Ireland and right across the British Isles.

Speaking about the influx of boats into the Dun Laoghaire Marina, Paal Janson, General Manager said ?the main reason we see such a flow of visitors into the Marina is because of the attraction of the capital city and the novelty of being able to visit a European city and stay in your own accommodation which is a relatively unusual offering. Dun Laoghaire Marina is also a safe and large marina with capacity for 820 boats, 24/7 access, full facilities and direct transport links.?

The Marina will also welcome all of the visiting boats from outside Dublin Bay for the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta (VDLR.) The VDLR is the biggest sailing event in the country. 380 boats and 2,500 sailors will compete across 25 different classes of boats and the competitors will race across eight different courses over the four days of the Regatta.

Speaking in advance of the VDLR, Adam Winkelmann, VDLR Chairman said ?We have been running this Regatta every two years since 2005 and over that period of time have only seen a 7.5€ decrease in entries which is not that dramatic considering the state of the economy. The Regatta also brings a significant amount to the local economy. Using the Irish tourism multiplier, the average expenditure per competitor will be ?60 per day which for 2,500 competitors will be ?150,000 per day and ?600,000 for the four day event.?

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