New Food Partner for 2015


Appointment of exciting new Food Partner for 2015

We are delighted to welcome to the 2015 Regatta, our newly appointed Food Partner, The Bretzel Bakery.

Authentic bread, baked daily in the heart of Portobello since 1870 Every morning at the Bretzel Bakery in Portobello, since 1870, before most of our customers are even stirring, our bakers are faithfully producing an enticing and exotic array of “real” bread and cakes, prepared by hand to timeless recipes and baked in original brick-lined ovens.Relying on traditional skills and methods, The Bretzel Bakery has long been synonymous with excellence, its secret residing in the quality of ingredients used and the passion of its bakers who handmake all of their delicious, mouthwatering breads daily.

Further information to follow shortly. For more information on The Bretzel Bakey