Royal Dee Irish Sea Offshore Championship & VDLR

The Royal Dee Yacht Club celebrates its 200 years of organising offshore racing in the Irish Sea in 2015. To mark this outstanding occasion the Royal Dee Yacht Club, in association with ISORA, the National Yacht Club, Liverpool Yacht Club and the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta, have organised the “Irish Sea Offshore Racing Championship”.

This event will be run over five races in conjunction with the two other events – the classic “Lyver Race” organised by Royal Ocean Racing Club, Liverpool Yacht Club and Royal Dee Yacht Club and the four day races of the Offshore Series of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

The 100 mile “LYC Lyver Race” takes place on Friday evening 3rd July starting in Holyhead and finishing in Dun Laoghaire. The Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta runs from the following Thursday the 9th July until Sunday 12th July.

While there is no entry fee for the “Irish Sea Offshore Racing Championship” boats taking part must enter both the “Lyver Race” and the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

The “Irish Sea Offshore Racing Championship” will be based in the National Yacht Club for the finish of the “Lyver Race” and during the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta.
In addition to the extensive social calendar proposed for the VDLR, there will be specific offshore championship social events.

Don’t miss out on the Early Entry Fees for the Lyver Trophy Race which will end, tomorrow Friday 1st May