J109 Class Only

AMENDMENT TO CLASS RULES – The J109 UK and Ireland Class Association Class Rules apply to the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta 2015, with the following amendments:

No.1 Section 5.4 shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

5.4.1 – Headsails Furlers and Headfoils

Headsails may be manufactured of any woven or laminated materials. Headsails shall be attached to the forestay using hanks or the owner’s choice of standard commercially available furling headfoil
system (such as Harken Mk 3, Racnor or similar) or non-furling headfoil system (such as Tuff Luff or Harken Carbo Foil or similar) using #6 luff tape. The type and design of forestay foil is unspecified except that it cannot be an aerofoil or wing type whose function is to add area to the headsail. UV protection tape may be applied to the leech and foot to cover the sail when furled. Windows are permitted. Headsails may be furled or hoisted and dropped as per the owner’s choice.

5.4.2 – Genoas

The dimensions of genoas (ie sails with LP greater than 4460mm 110% LP) shall not exceed: LP-5880mm (145% LP) and Luff Length 13800mm. The leech shall be fair and concave (half width shall
not exceed 50% of foot length and three quarter width shall not exceed 25% of foot length). No battens are permitted. HSA shall not exceed 40.60 m2 when calculated with the 2012 IRC HSA formula. To ensure no advantage is taken by boats using a low profile or no furler, a strop shall be fitted and used to ensure that the tack of the genoa shall be no less than 273mm above the centre of
the forestay clevis pin measured along the forestay.

5.4.3 – Jibs

For jibs (ie sails with an LP of 4460mm 110% LP or less), up to four battens of any length are permitted on the leech. The definition of a batten is “Any material added to the sail, as a removable
element, permanent stiffening, or other contrivance, the purpose of which is to support and/or stiffen the sail”. There is no restriction on Luff Length provided the HSA does not exceed 40.60 m2 when calculated with the IRC HSA formula. In respect of this rule 5.4 and in relation to the use of battens and the maximum sail area the genoas used on Jumping Jellyfish and Just so as at August 2009 are grandfathered within the class rules indefinitely provided such genoas are used on the respective boats and provided the boat stays within the same ownership.

No. 2 Section 4.3 Items that ARE permitted while Racing:

4.3.16 – Inhaulers may be fitted and used (additional clause)

No.3 Section 4.4 Items NOT permitted while Racing:

4.4.7 – Is deleted (Jib inhaulers)

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