Changes to the VDLR 2023 NOR – No 1 & No 2

The Notice of Race (NOR) of the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta 2023 is changed as follows:

Change No.1

3.5.2 Offshore (IRC) Class – (d) is changed to read:

(d) Boats may be supplied with tracker units supplied by the OA which shall be returned to the Race Office immediately after the last race. The race courses may use virtual marks.

Change No.2

Registration and Racing is changed to remove online registration and replace it with a required in person registration in the regatta race office (located on the Carlisle Pier) before racing.

5.1 Registration [NP] :

Tuesday 4th July 20231700 – 1900
Wednesday 5th July 20231000 – 1800
Thursday 6th July 20230900 – 1400
Friday 7th July 20230900 – 1100
Each boat skipper or a representative is required to register in person at the Regatta Race Office on the Carlisle Pier before racing.