Competitor Registration and Briefing Times

Registration will be open for three days from 3pm on Tuesday 9th July, and all boats must register with the race office before the start of racing in their class.

As there will be almost 500 boats registering during this period the race office may become congested at times – please be patient. If possible register as early as you can.

Tuesday 9th July15:00 to 21:00RegistrationRace Office
Wednesday 10th July11:00 to 19:00RegistrationRace Office
Thursday 11th July09:00 to 13:00RegistrationRace Office
10:00 to 10:30Skippers’ BriefingRStGYC Forecourt

It is the committee’s intention to live-stream the Skippers’ Briefing on social media and/or the website, but all competitors are strongly advised to send a representative to attend in person as we cannot be held responsible for any information missed by non-attendance or due to technical issues with the broadcast.